Give the Love Potbelly Pig Pets Deserve

Give the Love Potbelly Pig Pets Deserve

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Potbelly Pigs Need Tender Loving Care Too

VegasPigPets is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization specializing in working with and educating pig owners of the requirements potbelly pigs need to live long, happy lives. We also place and help find homes for unwanted, abandoned, and abused potbelly pigs.

We are not a sanctuary and are at capacity right now, but please see our “Surrender info,” and let us know ahead of time because we can’t house your pig for placement but can network and help you list your pig for future placement.

So, please support VegasPigPets through the AmazonSmiles program and 1/2% of the proceeds will be used to help our piggies!

Pigs Are Great Pets

Potbelly Pigs are said to be one of the most intelligent of all creatures, right behind humans, monkeys, dolphins, and whales! Sometimes misunderstood, owners feel they need to find them new homes and aren’t willing to understand their needs.

Through education, most owners and their pig pets live a very long, happy life together, and that is the best we can ask for! If you need any help or guidance with ideas or behavior issues or have any questions about your pig, please complete our contact form, and a volunteer will get back to you right away!

We offer free education services for understanding and training your pig!

Tips on Choosing Pigs for Pets

Adopt an Adorable Piglet

We try to match applicants to the pig that fits you to ensure a happy ending! See our “Adoption Process” below. Please see all of our wonderful pigs looking for their forever homes at Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet for the most up-to-date pig pets that need new homes!

Our Adoption Process

We do have an adoption process as we are a 501(c)(3) rescue, registered and approved by our city and county shelters. If you are interested in adopting a pig, please complete our Adoption Application.


Our Adoption Process Outline

  • 1

    After we receive your form, it will give us an idea on what your expectations are for bringing a pig into your family. If you have any of our specific pigs in mind, some questions may not apply. It looks extensive, but we try to match each pig with a perfect home.

  • 2

    We will then set up a home check. This helps us know where the pig will live and whether it will be safe once it goes to its new home. If any recommendations, we will assist you with any necessary arrangements.

  • 3

    Once we find a match, we ask for a $100 (adults) - $200-250 (piglets) adoption donation fee. This doesn’t cover our vet/spay/neuter costs, but it shows your willingness to spend money your pig pet will require in the future and gives you a vested interest in your new family member!

    VegasPigPets does graciously accept donations to cover the additional costs of vetting these pigs that need homes.

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    Once we bring your pig into your home, we require a signed Adoption Agreement that says that you will return the pig to us should the adoption not work out, and you will keep us updated as to its progress in becoming a part of your family. We may do up to 2 home follow-ups in the first year you adopt the pig to ensure you are not having behavioral problems and the whole household is getting along well!

    We are here for guidance and education and will always be available for the life of that pig should you need us! It seems like an extensive process, but we want you to know all the pros and cons before bringing home a pig so you can commit that 15 - 20 years your pig will require of you and your family!


Microchipping Your Pig

VegasPigPets has implemented an across the board microchipping program and will implant microchips to all rescue pigs that come through us. This serves two purposes:

  1. If that pig ever gets picked up again, here or anywhere, they can be traced back to us.
  2. To cross state lines, a pig must be “permanently” identified, and this was the most painless, permanent way to fulfill that federal requirement.

If you are interested in getting your pig microchipped, please contact us. We offer a low cost prepaid AVID FriendChip system that will always ensure your pig pet can be returned home safely!

Recommended Vets Around Town

Be sure the veterinarian specializes in potbelly pigs because their needs differ from cats and dogs. The list below includes veterinary clinics that specialize in potbelly pig care.

Lone Mountain Animal Hospital (Corner of Rainbow & W. Cheyenne)

Dr. Taylor Parker - (702) 645-3116
(Low-cost spay/neuters available by the size of the pig, so why not spay/neuter early?)
(Dr. Parker is our pig vet, highly recommend her!)

Island Pet Hospital (E. Lake Mead)
Dr. Goldman - (702) 645-7387
In-Office Only

The Ark Animal Clinic (Rancho & Vegas)
Dr. Bradley - (702) 648-8583

Surrender Info

If you feel like you can’t handle your pig anymore, please read this first: “The Cost of Pig Rescue”.

Also, we can’t take in any new pigs right now, but we would help you by doing courtesy listings and networking for you on Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet. VegasPigPets will be strictly providing educational and behavioral support, but please contact us for ideas on how we can help!