How you can help


Lend a Hand to Help Our Piggies

VegasPigPets is a federal nonprofit rescue and placement organization utilizing volunteers to support all the potbelly pig pets' health and welfare needs in our care. We strive to provide education about the specialized needs of potbelly pigs and provide support to all current and prospective pig owners to assure our pig pets' best quality of life!

Every Cent Goes to Our Pig Friends

All donations we receive go directly to the budget allocated to help more pigs in need. Click through any of the boxes below and a portion of your purchases will help us help our pig pet friends! Any support you want to give VegasPigPets is greatly appreciated!

Please also see our Decals and Magnets page to purchase products that support our pigs!

Help Us Through Amazon Deals

VegasPigPets receives a percentage of all sales clicked through our exclusive amazon deals. All proceeds will help with the costs of vetting, spay/neuter programs, and placing pigs in new homes! It may not be much, but it helps us tremendously!

You can also help us by adding VegasPigPets as one of your favorite eBay GivingWorks Charities! So, donate to us through your Capital One Rewards or your credit card (there are no fees!).

Please support VegasPigPets through the AmazonSmiles program as 50% of the proceeds will be used to help our piggies!

VegasPigPets Wishlist

Monetary help goes a long way, but you can also help our adorable pig pets by donating things that they greatly need. Below are the things that would help them:

  • Blankets, Bedspreads, Comforters, Rugs (especially old bath rugs that have rubber backing), anything a piggy can use to keep warm in the winter! (Piggies have hair so they cannot retain body heat as dogs and cats can)

  • Large (40/42 “L) and XLarge (48”) plastic carrier crates/kennels and crate pads (A great site to check out for crates and kennels is: Sparky’s Spots

  • XLarge Igloos (Pigloos) and/or dog houses to use as a temporary shelter

  • Cargo Van, running condition for transport

  • 18” Fresh Pine or Oak Tree Stumps


Adopt, Don’t Buy

Please, before buying a piglet, consider adopting one. Today, a lot of pets are being euthanized because of overbreeding. So, adopt now to save a life of a piglet tomorrow!

We also strongly advise you to spay and neuter your pet pig to reduce the numbers of abandoned and neglected pet pigs. Only us, humans, can help make a difference in the lives of these precious and adorable potbelly pigs.

Rescue, adopt, spay, and neuter!

PLEASE Support these Businesses that Support & Protect for our PigPet Friends!

Sparky's Spots Crates & Kennels
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Classic Challenger Consulting
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High Maintenance Aveda Hair Salon
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Autumn's Eve Handmade Soaps!
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Tiffany Benson of Crush Salon LV
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Do you need Skin so Soft for your piggy? How about a deet-free Bug Repellent with sunscreen in it? Please support Denise Pitcher
a wonderful piggy supporter and
shop at her Online Store!


A great children's book! Get your copy here!

Please keep checking back for more sponsors! Our piggies appreciate them more than you know!

Organizations and Agencies (Click any link below to go directly to their website)

Products to help your Piggy:

(and if you are looking for something specific and can't find it, please feel free to Contact Us.)


Want an Indoor/Outdoor Pig? It's easy! Pork Chop learned to use her Hale Pet Door in just a few minutes! She has to freedom to go in and out as she pleases!
Please support these vendors below... get 10% off and part of your purchase helps us!
Please mention VegasPigPets so we can receive our donation!
Hale Pet Doors
Purrfect Pet Door Installation by Eddie
(702) 379-0609

Watch for more to come!